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Tile Drop is a poker mahjongg hybird. The objective of which is to accumulate poker hands on any one of the six layouts
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Nullox Games Nullox Games
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21 June 2012

Editor's review

It is well known that the game of Mahjong is widely popular and every gamer has at least once in his life time have played it. On the other hand there is not a point of doubt that the game of poker has been touch by everyone connected to the Internet or gaming world. Imagine for a while how it would be if the two mentioned above games are being combined into a new form. Your imagination need not go any further with Tile Drop 1.02 in front of you, designed by Nullox Games whose genesis is led by a lovely blend of Poker and Mahjong. The game is no different than the traditional Mahjong games but has got added spice and a different touch to the game.

Tile Drop comes with a very cool and attractive graphics plus every object in it is being designed artistically and looks very real. Moreover you will also not find any trouble installing the game in your computer system. Coming to the goal of this hybrid game, all you need to do is gather poker hands on either side of the six layouts you can view on the cube. Another interesting feature of Tile Drop is that you can tilt the cube easily by any angle with the cursor or press the keyboard keys W, A, S, D to rotate the cube by North, West, South and East respectively. After you collect the poker hands it can be easily made disappeared just by clicking on the right mouse switch. You will be able to get rid of an isolated pair when there are five cards as 3 remaining cards will be left once the pair is eliminated.

This brilliant game takes a lot of thinking and analysis but at the same time is amazingly amusing. With such great game play and graphics this games easily wins a rating score of 3 on a scale of 5.

Publisher's description

Tile Drop is a poker mahjongg hybird. The objective of which is to accumulate poker hands on any one of the six layouts that exist on each side of the cube. The cube will naturally tilt to the angle projected by your cursor, keys {W, A, S, D} will rotate the cube {North, West, South, East} respectively.
Poker hands may be eliminated once accumulated by clicking the right mouse button. Note that it is possible to eliminate an isolated pair from a five card hand since the three remaining cards will remain after the pair has been eliminated.
Tile Drop
Tile Drop
Version 1.02
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